4 Common Myths About Contact Lenses

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February 27, 2019
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February 27, 2019
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4 Common Myths About Contact Lenses

Vision-related issues are usually corrected in two ways – glasses and contact lenses. Both can help us see things more clearly and improve our daily lives. When you are first diagnosed with either nearsightedness or farsightedness after an eye exam, you might be hesitant to embrace the idea of sticking a small lens in your eye every day when you wake up. However, contact lenses are a great option that helps people improve their vision in an easy to use way. These tiny lenses are often misunderstood, which is why we’ve created the following article about 5 common myths surrounding contact lenses. 

  1. Contact Lenses Are a Pain to Take Care of

Many people who haven’t used contact lenses before think that they are extremely complicated and difficult to maintain. The idea of putting in and taking out contact lenses for the uninitiated conjures up images discomfort, but the reality is they are quite easy to take care of. These days, there are tons of contact solutions that can clean and disinfect your lenses with just one bottle. It really only takes a few minutes each day to put contact lenses in and out of your eyes and keeping them clean. 

  • Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck or Lost in My Eye

If you’ve ever had something stuck in your eye before, you know how uncomfortable it can be. You want nothing more than to get the foreign body out of your eye so that you can get back to your normal day to day life. It makes sense that people think a contact can get stuck or lost in their eye, but this is purely a myth. Our eyes have a natural defense called the conjunctiva that prevents soft contact lenses and other objects from getting past a certain point in our eye. If your contact every slips off while in your eye, you can easily flush it out with time and a little bit of contact solution.

  • Contact Lenses Are Very Uncomfortable

This is yet another myth that we’d like to dispel right now. Contact lenses might take a few days to get used to, but the soft materials and cutting-edge design of lenses these days make them extremely comfortable and essentially unnoticeable to wearers. After you adapt to using contact lenses in your daily routine, you won’t even realize you are wearing them!

  • Contact Lenses Are Expensive

So you’ve just gotten out of an eye exam. Your eye care specialist tells you that you can choose either glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. You might be hesitant to commit to contact lenses because you think they are expensive, but this is just not the case. There are tons of brands making affordable contact lenses. Sometimes, your insurance company can even help you with the cost. Contact lenses can even be less expensive than a pair of glasses!