Cataract Surgery

If you have Cataracts, eye surgery may be an option to restore your vision.

Comprehensive eye surgery options for you and your family.

Surgery for Cataracts

A cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye. This is a very common condition as we age and can lead to symptoms of blurred vision, glare, halos around lights and decreased brightness and color vision. Many people experience the feeling of looking through dirty glasses or a dirty windshield when cataracts become troublesome. Reading, watching television, using a computer and driving, especially night driving, can all become difficult due to a cataract interfering with your vision. When a cataract is causing vision difficulties that limit your daily activities and enjoyment of life, it may be time to consider cataract surgery.

Experienced Cataract Surgeon

Cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens from your eye and replaces it with a new artificial implanted lens to clearly focus light. Cataract surgery performed by Dr. Opatowsky typically takes ten minutes and is done as an outpatient with little discomfort in most cases. Dr. Opatowsky will discuss with you the various choices of lens implants available today that can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses after surgery. Dr. Opatowsky will spend the time necessary to discuss your customized treatment plan to restore your vision.

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