Common Misconceptions About Eye Health

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May 7, 2020
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Common Misconceptions About Eye Health

Keeping our eyes healthy is one of the most important things we can do, particularly as we age. When you think about it, your quality of life is directly impacted by your ability to see. This is why heading into the eye doctor for regular examinations is an essential part of maintaining healthy eyes. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about eye health. Either people don’t take their eye health seriously or they have been lead to believe in things that are simply untrue. That’s why we’ve decided to put together the following article which details some common misconceptions about eye health in order to set the record straight. Keep reading below to learn more and remember to reach out to AV Eyecare today if you are interested in scheduling an appointment.

Eye Health Misconception #1 – Only Visit Eye Doctors if You Have a Problem

One of the biggest eye health misconceptions out there is the idea that you only need to go to the eye doctor if you are having problems with your vision. The truth is that even if you think your eyesight is great, it is still very important to regularly go to the eye doctor for examinations. Many vision-related issues can be prevented with early detection. The problem for most people is that they aren’t able to diagnose these eye health issues on their own. Make sure you are going to the eye doctor regularly to avoid serious eye health issues and keep your vision sharp.

Eye Health Misconception #2 – All Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Another common misconception that we hear has to do with sunglasses and how they protect your eyes. They think that since sunglasses make it easier to see in bright sunlight, their eyes are being protected as well. The truth is that not all sunglasses can block the harmful UV rays that the sun produces. These UV rays are extremely powerful and can cause serious eye health issues over time, so make sure you are purchasing sunglasses with UV protection to avoid dealing with these types of problems.

Eye Health Misconception #3 – Sitting Close to Television and Computer Screens Causes Vision Loss

In today’s world, we spend a lot of time staring at screens. This has caused another eye health misconception to gain popularity. While sitting close to television and computer screens for extended periods of time can cause eye fatigue and dryness, it won’t actually cause vision loss. With that said, be conscious of the amount of time that you spend each day in front of screens so that you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable conditions like eye strain.

Don’t let these eye health misconceptions guide your decision-making process. Make sure you are going in for regular eye exams at the eye doctor to keep your eyes healthy for the long run. Remember that you can always reach out to AV Eyecare if you are in need of a great eye doctor.