Five Reasons Why Your Eyes Get Irritated

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Five Reasons Why Your Eyes Get Irritated

Our eyes are an organ that is extremely sensitive to certain things. There’s really nothing worse than having to deal with impeded vision and irritated eyes that are the result of a foreign object or lack of care. Any good eye doctor knows that the human eye is designed to tell us when something is going wrong. All it takes is a look at someone with bloodshot eyes to know that they are experiencing something that isn’t right. AV Eye Care wants to keep your eyes as healthy as possible at all times. That’s why we’ve prepared the following article that details the five most common reasons why your eyes get irritated so that you know what to look out for.

  1. Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis

Pink eye is one of the most common instances of eye irritation. The conjunctiva is a mucous membrane that lies on the inside of our eyelids and protects the inner layers of the eye. When bacteria, fungi, or a virus enters this membrane the conjunctiva gets inflamed. That’s when the eye starts to appear red or pink. This eye irritation can typically be remedied by special eye drops that are prescribed by an eye doctor or eye care professional.

  • Allergies 

Another common cause of eye irritation is allergies. If people suffer from allergic reactions to things like high pollen counts, their eyes will typically experience significant discomfort. Allergies can affect the way we see and leave us feeling extremely uncomfortable. There are several ways to combat eye-related allergies such as avoiding outdoor activity during high pollen days or using special air filters.

  • Dry Eyes

Sometimes, our tear glands stop producing the right level of tears to keep our eyes comfortable. This can lead to dry, itchy, and uncomfortable feelings. It’s actually a syndrome that is quite common in people as they age. Dry Eye syndrome can impact our vision and require special care to correct. Contact your eye care professional today if you have noticed that you are consistently dealing with dry or itchy eyes.

  • Corneal Ulcers

This is a common cause of irritation for contact lens wearers. It’s literally an open sore on the eye that causes sensitivity to light and a feeling that the eye is constantly irritated. Many contact wearers will get Corneal Ulcers after wearing their contact overnight. 

  • Contaminants in the Air

If you live in a major city or spend time in an area with consistently dry air, it’s likely that your eyes will become irritated. Things like smoke and air pollution cause millions of tiny particles to be carried in the air, which can cause lots of discomfort in your eyes. If you live in a major city, be conscious that on some days the air quality might be worse than usual. Your eyes will thank you.

We hope this article has given you some great insight into what causes eyes to get irritated. If you are experiencing eye discomfort or pain, pay us a visit at AV Eye Care as soon as you can.