How to Know If Your Eye Drops Are Ok to Use With Contacts

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May 14, 2019
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How to Know If Your Eye Drops Are Ok to Use With Contacts

If you wear contacts, you have to be a little more careful when you are using certain eye-related products. Contacts can make you think twice about doing things like swimming, but they are easy to deal with if you think ahead of time. For example, you might be wondering if using eye drops is safe while you are wearing contacts. There are certain eye drops that you will be fine using while you have your contacts in, while others can lead to serious health risks. Keep reading on below to learn how to know if your eye drops are ok to use with your contacts. Remember that the only way to be sure is to take the drops into a great eye doctor like AV Eye Care to get a professional opinion.

Are the Prescription or Over the Counter Eye Drops?

Prescription eye drops will typically come with a list of instructions on the side of the bottle. If your doctor prescribes you eye drops, you should make sure to follow all of the instructions listed on the drops and remove your contact lenses prior to instilling the prescription drops. For over the counter eye drops, you should consider the type of eye drop you are buying and try to stay away from “redness removing” drops. Red-eye reducers contain ingredients that can cause deposits on your contact lenses and eventually end up making your eyes redder.

Are they Eye Drops for Dry Eyes?

Dry eye drops are typically not recommended for contact wearers. They are intended to lubricate the eye and not the contact lens. These types of dry eye drops can end up temporarily or even permanently clouding your contact lens. If you are dealing with dry eyes and you wear contacts, you should reach out to one of the great eye doctors at AV Eye Care to see what drops will be best for contact wearers.

Read the Labels Thoroughly

One of the most helpful ways to determine if eye drops are meant for contact wearers is to simply read the labels. Most rewetting drops will have the word contacts clearly listed on the label. These drops are great for contact users that experience dry eyes and discomfort while they are wearing their contact lenses. On the other hand, if you don’t see anything that mentions contacts on the label, you might want to take a cautious approach and take your contact lenses out when you are using the drops.

We hope this article has been educational and helpful for all of the contact lens wearers out there that are trying to determine if eye drops are safe to use with contacts. Remember to reach out to the eye doctor to be 100% sure that your drops are alright to use with your contacts. If you are seeking a great eye doctor or would like to see if corrective lenses might be right for you, reach out to AV Eye Care today to schedule an eye exam.