Simple Eye Safety Tips for Your Home

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December 12, 2019
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Simple Eye Safety Tips for Your Home

Believe it or not, one of the most common locations for eye injuries to occur is at home. Maybe it’s because we are in a more relaxed state of mind at home or perhaps it’s because we don’t really think about eye injuries on a regular basis, but the truth is that there are plenty of eye safety risks to avoid when you are at home. The good news is that most of these eye injuries are easy to prevent. We want you to keep your eyes healthy each and every day, especially at home, which is why we’ve prepared the following list of simple eye safety tips for your home. If you are dealing with an eye injury or if you have questions about eye safety, you can always connect with AV Eye Care for help.

  1. Purchase Safety Glasses or Goggles

If you are a fan of do-it-yourself home improvement projects or working on things in the garage, it’s a good idea to purchase some safety glasses or goggles. These types of tasks put our eyes at risk in a variety of ways, which is why wearing protective glasses can be so beneficial. Projectiles like wood chips, shavings, and dust can get into our eyes and cause serious damage. Also, working with electricity and chemicals can also present unique safety risks to our eyes. It’s simply not worth the risk to work on these types of projects without the right protective glasses or goggles. You can purchase these protective lenses at affordable prices at most hardware stores, so make sure you have yours before you begin working on your next big home improvement project.

  1. Scan Your Yard for Debris

Most homeowners love heading outside to mow their lawn. There’s something truly admirable about a well-kept front lawn. However, you might not realize the eye safety risks that mowing your lawn presents. If there is debris in your lawn prior to when you start mowing, you could be dealing with projectile items that can damage your eyes. Weed whackers and lawnmowers use high powered motors to get the job done, and these motors can send debris flying at high velocities if you aren’t careful. Make sure you scan your yard for debris before you head out to mow. This simple eye safety tip for your home might just save you a lot of pain and stress caused by an eye injury.

  1. Avoid Mixing Chemical Agents

There are certain chemical agents like fertilizers that homeowner comes into contact with from time to time. The risk of working with chemicals is that it can easily splash into your eye. You might even have chemicals on your hands and end up touching your eyes later. This can present a very big eye health risk, so make sure you are always cautious when you decide to work with harsh chemical substances at home. Read the safety guidelines and labels on any chemicals before you work with them and purchase safety goggles if you end up working with these dangerous substances.