Spotting the Early Signs of Glaucoma

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July 21, 2020
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August 23, 2020
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Spotting the Early Signs of Glaucoma

Glaucoma Surgery

When it comes to caring for your eyes, prevention is usually the best approach. By taking proactive steps and being aware of any changes in your vision, you can avoid most of the serious eye issues that can impact your daily life. Glaucoma is one of the more common eye diseases that affect people and can actually lead to blindness if it goes unchecked for too long. This is one of the big reasons why regular eye exams are such an essential part of keeping up with your health. Below, we are going to help you learn how to recognize some of the early signs of Glaucoma so that you can head into the eye doctor before things get worse. If you are interested in booking an appointment for an eye exam, reach out to AV Eyecare today.

Early Signs

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of warning signs when it comes to Glaucoma. However, there are some changes to your vision that you should look out for. Glaucoma occurs when the pressure in your eye is too high and your optic nerves get damaged. Some of the early signs include the gradual loss of your peripheral vision, severe eye pain, blurry vision, and reddening of the eye. Patchy vision or blind spots are also common symptoms. These symptoms tend to progress slowly, so as soon as you notice one you should head into the eye doctor as soon as you can.

Risk Factors

It’s also important to understand some of the common risk factors that make you more prone to getting Glaucoma. First, genetics play a role in whether or not you have a chance of getting Glaucoma. If one of your family members has dealt with the eye disease before, it’s even more important to be proactive in getting eye exams and caring for your eye health. Age will also play a role, as Glaucoma is more common for adults over the age of 60. If you have hypertension or diabetes, there’s a bigger chance of being impacted by Glaucoma as well.

How to Avoid Glaucoma

As we mentioned earlier, prevention is usually the best way to avoid serious eye issues like Glaucoma. First, getting regular eye exams is an absolute necessity. You should also focus on drinking enough water every day and exercising. Your diet also plays a role in your eye health, so keep that in mind as you plan out your meals. Smoking can also increase the risk factors for serious eye health issues. Avoiding Glaucoma is all about maintaining your overall health, so try to focus on these preventative steps to live a healthier life.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams to Avoid Glaucoma

If you are committed to protecting your vision and maintaining proper eye health, scheduling regular eye exams is a great way to do so. Reach out to AV Eyecare today to schedule an eye exam and help to prevent Glaucoma from causing you problems.