The Most Common Causes of Red Eyes

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The Most Common Causes of Red Eyes

It’s pretty clear when someone is dealing with eye issues, as eyes usually become red and bloodshot if there is an issue. If you are dealing with red eyes, it can be a big inconvenience. Not only will your eyes feel irritated, but you will also have to get through your daily life with bloodshot eyes. Red eyes are caused when tiny blood vessels in your eyes are dilated. The blood vessels can become swollen for a variety of different reasons and leave us with discomfort. It’s always a good idea to learn about the causes of red eyes so that you can take action as soon as possible and avoid more serious conditions. That’s why we’ve created the following list of the most common causes of red eyes. Keep reading below to learn more and reach out to Antelope Valley Eye Care if you are seeking relief from red eye symptoms.

1. Allergies

One of the most common causes of red eyes is allergies. This can result from exposure to airborne allergens like pollen. Dust and mold can also cause an allergic reaction that leads to red eyes. If you notice that your eyes are red and you feel symptoms of itchiness, burning, and tearing up, the chances are good that you are dealing with allergies. There are over the counter medications that can help to reduce these symptoms and alleviate your red eyes, but make sure you check with your doctor before taking them.

2. Eye Fatigue

If you’ve ever stayed up too late or worn your contact lenses for too long, your eyes probably got red as a result. Eye fatigue is another common cause of red eyes that you should be aware of. If your eyes are feeling dry and looking red, it’s quite possible that it is due to eye fatigue. If you are constantly staring at screens or not sleeping well, eye strain is a real possibility. Make sure you are getting enough rest and providing your eyes enough time to recover after wearing contacts all day to avoid this cause of red eyes. You might want to explore using lubricating eye drops if you constantly feel symptoms of eye fatigue.

3. Pink Eye

Pink eye is an eye infection that leaves your eyes bloodshot for several days. You need to be extra careful when you are touching your eyes and the area around your eyes because it’s easy to let bacteria in. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and always be conscious of touching your eyes. If you do have pink eye, you can get special eye drops that will help you get rid of the symptoms in a few days. This is another common cause for red eyes to look out for.

If you are experiencing eye redness, the chances are good that it’s not anything to worry about. However, if your red eyes are a recurring situation, you should reach out to an eye doctor sooner rather than later to get answers.