Tired of Red, Itchy Eyes? 4 Super Effective Remedies for Dry Eye

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Tired of Red, Itchy Eyes? 4 Super Effective Remedies for Dry Eye

remedies for dry eye

Meat Loaf’s song “Not a Dry Eye in the House” was on the platinum-selling album, Welcome to the Neighborhood and released as a single in 1995. This break-up song was a tear-jerker, but for many people, dry eyes are no joke.

mDo you struggle with dry eyes? Is it worse in winter? Read on to learn about remedies for dry eye.

Winter Dry Eyes

Cooler weather, windy days, and dry air combine to dry your eyes. Add to this the effect of heating indoors and you have no respite from eye irritation and dryness. This is especially uncomfortable if you wear contact lenses.

If you have a condition that means you have drier eyes anyway, the winter conditions make it worse. It’s hard to resist rubbing your eyes. This might feel like you are relieving the itch but it can actually make it worse.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat It?

Perhaps you feel that you should just grin and bear it. You try to distract yourself and get on with life. After all, there are worse things.

Don’t ignore dry eyes. There are some simple things you can do and it’s important to reduce the irritation. You’ll appreciate being spared the discomfort.

If you find that these simple remedies don’t work you should seek help from an eye care professional. It’s possible that you have a condition that needs a medical treatment.

What’s Going On?

Tears are amazing. They consist of a mixture of water, lubricants, and antibodies. When they are working well they help your eyes to function, protect from infections, and keep your sight clear.

You produce tears when you are sad, happy, and when something gets in your eye. In fact, you produce then continuously without noticing to keep everything working well. That’s why when your eyes are dry you notice a problem.

Sometimes when you have dry eyes, your eyes go into overproduction, producing tears that give you little relief. These tears have more water than normal and don’t contain sufficient lubrication.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Air-conditioning and heating can both dry the film that forms on your eyes. Cold wind or a dry atmosphere outside can do the same thing. Aging, the side effects of some drugs, and some other medical conditions can all result in dry eyes.

Remedies for Dry Eyes

Here are 4 remedies you can try for dry eyes.

1. Eye Drops

Eye drops may be your first port of call. They are easy to administer and inexpensive. They work by replacing the lost lubrication in your tears.

Apply the eye drops a few times a day. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions. You can get advice about which product is right for you from your eye care specialist.

2. Keep Away from Drying Heat

If the atmosphere is drying your eyes then you need to avoid sources of irritation. If your office seat is near the air-conditioning duct, try changing your position. Use a humidifier to moisten the air.

3. Screen Breaks

Staring at a computer screen, tablet or even your phone can result in dry eyes. Take breaks regularly. Even just a few minutes away from your screen in every half hour can make a difference.

4. Contact Lens Rest

If you wear contact lenses, they may not be helping with your eye irritation. Wear glasses for a few days. Avoiding touching your eyes will help reduce irritation and allow eye drops and your natural tears to work better.

Protect Your Eyes

If the outside atmosphere is irritating your eyes then protect them by limiting your time outside. Don’t ignore it. Try these remedies for dry eyes.

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