Understanding the Causes of Eye Allergies

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Understanding the Causes of Eye Allergies

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Eye allergies can be very frustrating to deal with, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the reasons why it is happening. Red, swollen, and itchy eyes are common symptoms of eye allergies. These strong symptoms can derail your entire day and be difficult to deal with. There are eye drops and other common medications that can provide relief from eye allergy symptoms, but the best way to handle eye allergies is to understand what causes them and avoid them. There are several reasons you might be dealing with eye allergies, that’s why we’ve put together the following article to give you some additional clarification. Keep reading on below to learn more and remember that you can always schedule an appointment with AV Eyecare if you need professional help with your eyes.


One of the most common causes of eye allergies is pollen. Pollen comes from trees, grass, weeds, and flowers and can result in some very uncomfortable symptoms. Pollen tends to be out in full force during the early spring, so keep that in mind the next time you are planning on spending time outdoors. In some ways, this irritant is unavoidable, but you can certainly limit your exposure if you know that the day will be heavy with pollen. It’s easy to check for estimated pollen counts on the internet weather reports for your area.

Pet Dander

Another common eye irritant that can result in allergic symptoms is pet dander. Some people are very sensitive to certain animals, particularly cats. Just spending time in someone’s house that owns a cat can lead to itchy and red eyes. If you know that you are allergic to pet dander, simply limit your time spent in areas where people have pets. These allergies last year-round, so you need to be careful about your exposure to pets. Pet dander is easily avoidable if you know you are allergic to it, so keep that in mind the next time you are heading to a pet owner’s house.

Contact Lenses

Sometimes, people get allergic reactions from wearing contact lenses. They can cause small bumps inside of your eyelids that make your eyes more sensitive and red while you are wearing your contacts. You might want to try wearing a new type of contact lenses if you think you might be dealing with allergies related to your current lenses. You can always head over to AV Eyecare and ask about allergies related to contact lenses.


Another common cause of eye allergies is makeup. Women that use makeup on their face or around their eyes can easily irritate their eyes. There are certain makeup types that are less harsh on your eyes, so try to seek those brands out if you are dealing with eye allergies. Keep in mind that our eyes are very sensitive to chemicals and other unnatural elements.

Just because you have eye allergy symptoms doesn’t mean you have to suffer forever. Remember to limit your exposure to all of these common causes of eye allergies.