What to Expect at Your Eye Exam

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February 27, 2019
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What to Expect at Your Eye Exam

If you’ve never been to an eye exam before and think you might be able to benefit from having your eyes checked out, you’re probably right. You’d be surprised by how much easier life can be when you can address any vision-related issues. An eye exam is a simple way to see if your vision can be improved, check up on the overall health of your eyes, and determine if there are any serious issues that need to be taken care of. AV Eye Care can provide you with a thorough and professional eye exam that will assess the state of your vision and help you see the world clearer.

To learn more about what to expect during an eye exam, keep reading on below.

Meet Your Eye Doctor

The first step in an eye exam is to meet your eye doctor. He or she will ask you a little bit about your vision, how your eyes are doing, and if you think you have vision-related issues. They will also discuss the history of your eyes and ask you if your family has had any vision issues. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask them any questions you have about the exam or about the overall health of your eyes.

Basic Visual Acuity Exams

After you meet your eye doctor, they will typically perform a few basic tests to understand a little more about your vision. You’ve probably seen the standard eye charts with the letters that descend in size from top to bottom before. These are used to measure your distance visual acuity, which is essentially how far you can see. There will be other simple tests to see how sharp your eyes are before you eye exam moves forward.

Cover Test

Sometimes, one of our eyes will be able to see better than the other. That’s why during an eye exam your doctor will perform a cover test. Your eye doctor will ask you to focus on something across the room and then ask you to cover each of your eyes individually. They will be focused on how the uncovered eye moves to fixate on the target in the distance. It’s a way for doctors to examine the status of both of your eyes.

Refraction Testing

The refraction is the process that eye doctors use to determine what your prescription will be for eyeglasses and prescription contact lenses. It involves using an instrument called a Phoropter that is placed in front of your eyes. Your eye doctor will then show you different choices for lenses. You tell them which lenses are helping your vision improve the most. After this portion of the eye exam, your answers will be used to prescribe your corrective lenses.

The Glaucoma Test

Towards the end of the eye exam, your eye doctor will perform the Glaucoma test, which is used to measure the pressure inside of your eyes. You will place your chin on a chin rest and stare at a light inside of a machine. Your eyes will then experience a tiny puff of air that determines the pressure of your eye.

These are some of the basic steps of an eye exam. There are additional tests you might go through as well depending on your unique situation.

AV Eye Care can offer you a standard eye exam with a great price and high level of professionalism. Call us today to schedule your exam!