Why Children Need Eye Exams

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June 14, 2019
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Why Children Need Eye Exams

If you are a parent and are wondering whether or not your children need an eye exam, the answer is yes. Making sure that our children can see the world clearly and aren’t dealing with any vision-related issues is part of every parent’s responsibility. Our children are constantly learning and questioning things during the early years of their lives. If they aren’t able to see the world clearly, it can lead to unfortunate issues. Children need eye exams for a variety of different reasons. Keep reading on below to learn about why children need eye exams and a few symptoms of vision problems that children can experience.

Good Vision is Important for Learning

One of the main reasons why you should take your child to an eye exam is because vision is a crucial aspect of learning. You want your kids to be able to learn visually throughout their youth. If they are dealing with poor vision or need corrective lenses to see, you should take your child to an eye exam sooner rather than later. It doesn’t matter if your child has trouble seeing the blackboard or if they are having difficulty reading books up close, taking your children to an eye exam is always a good idea. Don’t let your kids get held back from reaching their full potential due to vision issues.

Children Aren’t Able to Recognize Their Vision Issues

Another great reason to take your kids to an eye exam is that they usually aren’t able to recognize vision issues on their own. Kids don’t usually compare their vision with other children or adults. They tend to believe that everyone else has the same vision that they do. Our children simply don’t know enough to question their vision or compare it with others. That’s why you should take your child to an eye exam so that they can have a professional assess the status of their vision. The sooner you can catch vision-related issues, the sooner your children can start seeing the world the way it’s meant to be seen.

Lazy Eye Commonly Goes Undetected

Lazy eye, also known as Amblyopia, is when one of our eyes does not see clearly. It’s often the result of having two eyes each with very different prescriptions. This condition can lead to headaches and difficulty processing images in the brain. Lazy eye can be difficult to detect, which is why you want your child to go to an eye exam so that a professional can assess the status of their vision.

Taking your children in for an eye exam is always a great idea. If your child is complaining about blurry vision, headaches around their eyes, or seems to have difficulty concentrating, you should take them in for an eye exam. There’s a good chance these issues are the result of poor vision. The good news is that the majority of vision issues can be corrected if they are caught early.